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Director: Michaela Schwentner
Year: 2001 // Austria

It crackles, it hisses, it dazzles the viewer .....

Director: Annja Krautgasser, aka: n:ja
Year: 2009 // Austria

A beach-landscape, recorded from quite a distance .....

Director: Hofstetter Kurt, Barbara Doser
Year: 2010 // Austria

Visuals were generated on the basis of video-feedback materials to accompany the second movement of ZART, Hofstetter Kurt´s Möbius cantata .....

Za Żelazną Bramą (Behind the Iron Gate)
Director: Heidrun Holzfeind
Year: 2009 // AustriaPolandUSA

In her documentary film, Heidrun Holzfeind portrays a central Warsaw city district that was once considered a showcase neighborhood of Polish communist architecture .....

Director: Bettina Nürnberg, Dirk Peuker
Year: 2014 // AustriaGermany

A ferry crosses a lake, accompanied by a Gustav Mahler symphony .....

zero crossing
Director: Johannes Holzhausen
Year: 2000 // Austria

Shot and edited over a period of three days in March 2000, zero crossing comprises dialogs the filmmaker conducted with nine different persons of various ages .....

Director: Jannis Lenz
Year: 2016 // Österreich

City .....

Director: Alfred Kaiser
Year: 1979 // Austria

It was at the end of summer 1978, back in Vienna, when I first met Alfred Kaiser .....

Zig-Zag Streamlet Sneaking in Shamelessly Twighwetting
Director: Ursula Pürrer, Ashley Hans Scheirl
Year: 1985 // Austria

Zigzag streamlet sneaking in shame- lessly twighwetting .....

Director: Renate Oblak, Michael Pinter, reMI
Year: 2003 // AustriaNetherlands

Electronic exorcism? Computerized global burning? Digital dance of death? In the beginning reMI’s video zijkfijergijok makes a textual reference to eschatology and other finalities .....

  14 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 |