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15 years and no answer
Director: Gita Ferlin
Year: 2015 // Austria

"Somehow human" is how the male protagonist describes his dream of an official life, with "normal work" and a "normal home .....

Director: Ernst Schmidt jr.
Year: 1968 // Austria

Expanded cinema with a real and a projected curtain .....

YOAKE a chewing gum story
Director: Roland Zumb├╝hl
Year: 2002 // Austria

Yoake is about human perception .....

You breath life into my bosom. Oleander
Director: Hofstetter Kurt, Barbara Doser
Year: 2005 // Austria

In the "language of flowers" (early 19th century) oleander, a shrub with pleasant-smelling flowers and poisonous milky juice, stood for "you breathe life into my bosom" .....

You will never understand this
Director: Anja Salomonowitz
Year: 2003 // Austria

My movie is about three women who belong to what is historically referred to as the generation of perpetrators and victims .....

  5 Movies found