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Xiao Kang
Director: Tsai Ming-Liang
Year: 2015 // AustriaTaiwan

At the Viennale´s invitation, the Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang, known through works such as REBELS OF THE NEON GOD, THE RIVER, THE HOLE and WAYWARD CLOUD, created a short, approximately two-minute homage to Lee Kang-sheng – the actor who has appeared in almost all of Tsai Ming-liang´s films over the past thirty years and significantly influenced his entire oeuvre .....

Director: Constanze Ruhm
Year: 2007 // Austria

X LOVE SCENES is based on an ur-trope of cinema: the love scene, here restaged as an unresolved, traumatic, repetitive cycle .....

Director: Dietmar Brehm
Year: 2011 // Austria

The concept of XXX! appears as a visually floating metaphor of deathly images: White shadows .....

  3 Movies found