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27/71 On Peacock Isle
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1971 // Austria

Kren had already composed a diary-like piece containing subtle irony with his 27/71 Auf der Pfaueninsel (On Peacock Isle) .....

9/64 O Christmas Tree
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1964 // Austria

In 9/64 O Christmas Tree Kren offers a more visually descriptive development of a Muehl "action" .....

Director: LIA
Year: 2008 // Austria

o68 was created by Lia and @c (Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela) .....

Director: Billy Roisz
Year: 1999 // Austria

surfaces in sound and image .....

Oceano Nox
Director: Georg Wasner
Year: 2011 // Austria

OCEANO NOX processes a 1912 newsreel that memorialized the sinking of the Titanic .....

Oceanul Mare
Director: Katharina Copony
Year: 2009 // Austria

In her film Oceanul Mare (Big Ocean), Katharina Copony describes the lives of three Chinese immigrants who came to Bucharest in the early 1990s .....

Director: Thomas Baumann, Martin Kaltner, Matteo Fraterno
Year: 2005 // Austria

A grand, absurd drama: The crew of a confiscated cruise ship is forced to spend seven years in a foreign harbor .....

Odessa Crash Test (Notes on Film 09)
Director: Norbert Pfaffenbichler
Year: 2014 // Austria

When Sergej Eisenstein had a baby stroller dash down the Odessa steps as furious finale of his fictive massacre in the revolutionary classic Battleship Potemkin, he created one of the most iconic moments in film .....

Of Living and Surviving
Director: Gerda Klingenböck, Bernadette Dewald
Year: 2003 // Austria

One of the women interviewed for Of Living and Surviving set down her life story and her memories of the Ravensbrück concentration camp in a book entitled Ich war keine Heldin (I Was Not a Heroine) .....

O! FORTUNA! work in progress I-VI
Director: Karin Berger
Year: 2017 // Austria

Work is not the first thing that comes to the mind of the goddess of happiness .....

  40 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |