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33/77 No Danube
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1977 // Austria

Keine Donau (No Danube) is Kren´s Room With a View .....

3 Nights
Director: Ernst Schmidt jr.
Year: 1973 // Austria

Three shots from three nights arranged in succession: a concretely abstract film .....

42/83 No film
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1983 // Austria

It was a time when I was desperately unhappy that I wasn’t really doing anything, no more films .....

Director: Ernst Schmidt jr.
Year: 1978 // Austria

Recorded during a presentation of the "Performance Art Festival" in the Modern Art Galerie, Vienna .....

Nachtstueck (Nocturne) (Mozart Minute 09)
Director: Peter Tscherkassky
Year: 2006 // Austria

We glide into Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik,” soon to abandon standardized paths of conventional representational film and encounter a few seconds of passionate sensorial film – an example of what I would like to call “physical cinema .....

Director: Karø Goldt
Year: 2008 // AustriaGermany

Another film in the series of abstract works about flowers .....

Director: Ulli Gladik
Year: 2008 // Austria

Ulli Gladik meets Natasha while the latter woman is begging in Graz and, after a number of conversations, accompanies her to her home of Breznik, a former industrial town near Sofia .....

Director: Mara Mattuschka
Year: 1984 // Austria

In NavelFable Mara Mattuschka subject herself to a second birth through endless pairs of tights .....

Director: Björn Kämmerer
Year: 2015 // Austria

Normally a navigational device or navigator serves to provide orientation in unfamiliar territory, to establish paths in the middle of nowhere by means of geometric aids .....

Director: Friedl vom Gröller
Year: 2013 // Austria

NEC SPE, NEC METU NEC SPE, NEC METU follows upon Gutes Ende (Bliss) and Ich auch, auch, ich auch (Me too, too, me too), and it is the third film of Friedl vom Gröller to record visits to her mother in a nursing home .....

  43 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |