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Director: Ruth Beckermann
Year: 2012 // Austria

A night scene in Jackson, Mississippi: out on a street an Afro-American dances to rap music that can be heard from off camera .....

Jakarta Disorder
Director: Ascan Breuer
Year: 2013 // AustriaIndonesia

Jakarta Disorder The list of demands includes five items as simple as they are basic: work, a home, education, health insurance and formal recognition of the informal economy .....

Jean Paul
Director: Jakub Vrba
Year: 2010 // Austria

Jean Paul deals with the displacement of roles, inside and outside of the scene .....

Director: Michaela Schwentner
Year: 2003 // Austria

This video’s exhilarating dynamism results from a precisely composed interplay of color and form which structures the viewer’s perception of it significantly .....

Director: Oliver Lasch, Thomas Strobl
Year: 1991 // Austria

Let´s go back to your family

Omnidirectional scenic organization and chronological acceleration .....

Job - 3rd Version
Director: Dietmar Brehm
Year: 1993 // Austria

Job was a lot of work .....

Job Center
Director: Angela Summereder
Year: 2009 // Austria

We first see a roundabout in the periphery, controlling the flow of lorries and cars, before the film reaches its actual destination: the "Jobcenter", a course for unemployed people .....

Director: Josef Dabernig
Year: 2000 // Austria

The concrete arena, fundamentally an instrument for channeling the most vital of functions, mutates into a slumbering giant between "invasions" on days of home games .....

John Lautner, The Desert Hot Springs Motel
Director: Sasha Pirker
Year: 2007 // AustriaUSA

"Ten days after I stopped writing pornographic stories, I met William Burroughs," is how the voice over in Sasha Pirker's short film begins an autobiographical story .....

Journal No. 1 - An Artist's Impression
Director: Hito Steyerl
Year: 2007 // ÖsterreichDeutschland

Two years after the end of the Second World War, Film Journal No .....

  14 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 |