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Dacia Express
Director: Michael Schindegger
Year: 2008 // Austria

A train on a historically significant track: The route currently taken by the Dacia Express crosses that of the famed Orient Express .....

Director: Karø Goldt
Year: 2003 // AustriaDeutschland

The third film from the plant series: Though Goldt´s images were subjected to a process of extreme abstraction, they possess a nearly tangible materiality, and this materiality is emphasized by the films´ soundtracks .....

Dance and get him!
Director: Tina Leisch
Year: 2016 // Austria

Aleks, David, and Miki, fighters from the youth center, want to discover the recipe for success of Austrian champion in Mixed Martial Arts, Philipp Schranz .....

Dance of Life
Director: Gustav Deutsch
Year: 1994 // Austria

Micro organisms pulsate under the microscope .....

Dancing Chesthair
Director: Fiona Rukschcio
Year: 2015 // Austria

The title alone moves a person to smile, and it lives up to its promise .....

Dandy Dust
Director: Ashley Hans Scheirl
Year: 1998 // AustriaUnited Kingdom

A cyborg with a split personality and fluid gender zooms through time to collect his/her ”selves” in a struggle against a family obsessed by lineage: This cartoon-like futuristic low-budget horror satire by the Austro-British filmmaker Hans Scheirl turns the real into the absurd, for the duration of a small cybernetic, chemo-sexual film adventure at least .....

Dann is´ vorbei mit Beton. Die Passage von Walter Pichler
Director: Sasha Pirker
Year: 2016 // Austria


Director: Tim Sharp
Year: 1996 // Austria

Passports and life-saving documents slip like play money through the hands of scrupulous string-pullers and corrupt border officials .....

Director: Billy Roisz
Year: 2014 // Austria

In darkroom, Billy Roisz surveys several pitch-black interior spaces from different perspectives and turns a cinematic darkroom into an abstract chamber of wonders .....

Das Walk
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1956 // Austria

A "stroll" at various locations: the St .....

  53 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |