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10b/65 Silver - Action Brus
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1965 // Austria

"Action" by Günter Brus .....

11/65 Bild Helga Philipp
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1965 // Austria

11/65 Bild Helga Philipp is an optical abstraction of an optical abstraction: Kren has simply intercut filmed movements and sections from an Op painting by Helga Philipp - the result is motion opticals .....

40/81 Breakfast in Grey
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1981 // Austria

Breakfast im Grauen is another diaristic film, featuring a wry homage to Manet´s Le Déjeuner sur l´herbe (Lunch on the Grass), which so scandalized official taste in Paris in the 1860s .....

Director: Hito Steyerl
Year: 1997 // Deutschland

The vivid account of an Antifa-activist (original sound at a demonstration) offers a chronology of anti-Semitic harassment and agitation in Babenhausen using the example of the history of the Merins, a Jewish family .....

Back and Forth
Director: Martin Anibas
Year: 93 // Austria

There´s not really a text to accompany the short film b>From Back to Front .....

Back Track
Director: Virgil Widrich
Year: 2015 // Austria

An extraordinary production process always plays a central role in Virgil Widrich’s short films .....

Director: Ruth Kaaserer
Year: 2000 // Austria

"We are part of society", states 18-year-old Magda before a panorama of Vienna with the apartment buildings on the Donauinsel, also called Transdanubia, on the horizon .....

Bali Mécanique
Director: Henry Hills
Year: 1992 // USA

Accepting the speed of contemporary life and an exponentially increasing mass of information moving at a constantly accelerating velocity as given, Henry Hills composes films which present models of concentration, condensing masses of imagery to their essential moments and radically juxtaposing these to create pathways for thought .....

Ballett 16
Director: Peter Tscherkassky
Year: 1984

My interest in the individual frame as constituting the core of filmic creation found early expression in several works based on static images or photographic frame enlargements, including Liebesfilm (1982), Sechs über Eins (1982) and Motion Picture (1984) .....

Director: Mara Mattuschka
Year: 1985 // Austria

Hands vigorously pull scraps of paper from an antiquated printing press, while their owner remains invisible .....

  81 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |